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Jan. 21st, 2010 | 01:09 pm

Written for HP_ART_TALES

Title: Hermione's Study Break
Author: pettybureaucrat
Summary: Ron and Harry visit Hogwarts to help their lovers unwind from studying for NESTS. Things don't go exactly as they had thought they would.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome
Featured Characters/Pairings: Harry/Ron/Hermione
Word Count: ~7300
Inspiration Art: Hermione's Study Break, by hollyboo2001
Author's Notes: hollyboo2001 has rapidly become my favorite HP artist. This is one of her very best, very hottest pieces. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope and the comm enjoy this.

It was the first Friday in June, N.E.W.T.S. and exams were starting at Hogwarts next week. Hermione and Ginny had both owled their lovers that they could use a ‘break’ from their studies and would either of them be interested in providing them with one.

So, in the late afternoon Ron was at the Hogwarts gates preparing to send his Patronus to Hagrid, when a loud crack sounded behind him, startling him.

He turned, then smiled as he saw Harry standing there.

“Please tell me you’re here on official business which doesn’t include shagging my sister,” Ron smirked.

Harry smirked back. “‘Fraid not, mate. Got a report she’s hiding Dark artifacts. Full body cavity search is required.”

Ron grimaced, then sent his Patronus.

“You’re a child molester, that’s what you are,” Ron said with an almost straight face.

“Remember, I think of Hermione as my sister,” Harry reminded him. “Is she why you’re here? Or are you going to try to convince me that McGonagall has relaxed the rules so much that she’s letting you sell WWW products openly at school?”

“Just remember, I don’t ever want any details,” Ron said.

“You know, there are reports Hermione may be hiding Dark artifacts, as well,” Harry grinned. “I may need to, ahh, ‘search’ her too.”

“You keep your mitts and your...your bits away from Hermione’s cavities, Harry! You understand me?”

Harry snickered at Ron’s red face.

“Just don’t let me ever hear that you’ve mistreated her, Ron,” Harry said, slapping his friend’s back. “You’re a lucky man, you know that.”

“Yeah, I am,” Ron agreed with a smirk. “I’ve got Hermione. All you have is my sister!”

“I’m going to tell her you said that, you know,” Harry laughed. “You’ll be lucky if you leave here alive.”

Hagrid appeared at the gate and unlocked it.

“Ginny’s been hurt, ‘Arry,” he told them immediately. “Fell offa her broom. She’s in the infirmary.”

Harry took off running, closely followed by Ron. They raced into the castle and ran down the hall, bursting into the infirmary.

Ginny was in a bed, flat on her back, with her legs strapped down, which Harry normally would have found very erotic, especially since she was naked from the waist down. Behind him, Ron gasped and screamed.

Madam Pomfrey turned and scowled at them.

“Don’t you two dare come any closer!” She summoned a curtain and it rolled next to the bed, blocking their view.

Ron moaned. “I’m scarred for life, Harry!”

“Stuff it, you...you git!” Ginny shouted from behind the curtain. “You really couldn’t have seen all that much!”

It was true. Neither had actually seen anything truly naughty, simply Ginny’s naked leg and hip. Of course Harry knew perfectly well what the rest of her looked like.

Madam Pomfrey said the two of them could see Ginny now. Harry and Ron walked behind the curtain.

“What happened?” Harry asked as he bent over and kissed her sweetly.

“Got bludgered off my broom,” she sighed. “Didn’t see it coming.”

“How is she, Madam Pomfrey,” Ron asked, truly concerned for his sister.

“Her pelvis was fractured in three places. Fortunately, her teammates had to presence of mind to immobilize her and brought her to me immediately. Everything should be healed with no problems, but she will be stuck in bed here all weekend.”

“Oh, tough break, mate,” Ron smirked at Harry.

“Up yours,” Harry replied politely.

“Ditto!” Ginny snapped.

“Ron, I’d like to talk to Harry privately,” Ginny said. “Hermione is up in my room in the Heads’ Suite. I told her she could use it since obviously I can’t entertain Harry as I’d like this weekend. Don’t ruin my sheets or I’ll curse you once I’m home at the end of the month!”

Ron kissed his sister’s forehead. “I take back all the bad things I’ve ever thought about you, Gin! Really? We can use your room?”

“Yes, you may,” Ginny confirmed. “The Ravenclaw Quidditch team is using the Room of Requirement for an orgy tonight if the two of you would rather do that.”

“Which two do you mean?” Harry laughed.

Ron made a face, kissed Ginny’s forehead once more, punched Harry in the shoulder and left.

Ron ran to the Heads’ Suite and knocked. Steven Bradley, the Head Boy from Ravenclaw opened the door and gave him a snarky smile.

“Hermione has decided that I’m better shag than you, Weasley, so bugger off.”

“Steven!” Ron heard Hermione shout. “I’ll hex you!”

Ron pushed in and just sighed as he saw Hermione. He noticed Victoria Frobisher from Gryffindor was sitting on the couch.

“Adding child molestation to your litany of sins, are you, Bradley?” Ron asked sarcastically. Victoria was sixteen, but still in her fifth year. She blushed and stuck her tongue out.

“Come on, Ron,” Hermione said, kissing him deeply, then grabbing his arm and steering him towards Ginny’s room. “I’m horny!”

Everyone laughed at Ron’s blush.

Hermione was so different since Ron had deflowered her over the Christmas holidays just past. Whereas before she would resist him even kissing her cheek in public, she now snogged him passionately most anytime and anywhere they got together. Anytime they could be together with even a modicum of privacy, they would shag. Over the Easter holidays, they had hardly even gotten out of his bed. She was obviously not wearing a bra under her tank top and had on a pair of loose pajama pants.

Both pieces of clothing disappeared once the door to Ginny’s bedroom was shut and Hermione quickly divested Ron of his clothes. They fell onto Ginny’s bed, kissing and fondling each other almost frantically.

“It’s been so long,” Hermione moaned.

“I was here for the Gryffindor Ravenclaw Quidditch match just three weeks ago, Hermione!”

“Yes, exactly. Three weeks ago! I’m so horny, so hot! Please, Ron!”

Ron chuckled delightedly, then gasped as Hermione slid her tongue up his cock and then engulfed him in her mouth.

Ron enjoyed her sweet attentions for a couple of minutes, but his own need was becoming quite intense. He pulled himself out of Hermione’s delightful mouth, gently pushing her onto her back. She smiled and spread her legs, Ron licking his lips as he saw how wet she was already.

She noticed his eyes staring at her glistening lips.

“That’s for you, Ron. That’s how hot I am for you!”

She pulled him down between thighs and demanded in her best bossy voice:

“Fuck me, Ronald Weasley! Fuck me NOW!”

Hermione using dirty language was a turnon like nothing else. Ron happily complied, sliding into her with one long stroke and settling into her slick warmth with a sigh of delight.

Down in the infirmary Harry was kissing Ginny as passionately as he could. As soon as Ron had left, Harry’s hand had slipped into her hospital robes and began to fondle her lovely breasts when Madam Pomfrey intervened.

“Mister POTTER! Hands on top of the blankets if you please.”

Harry blushed and Ginny grinned.

“Please, Harry,” the kindly healer said more gently. “Ginny has to stay immobile from her navel down. She’s not going to be able to do that if you touch her intimately. I know you’re disappointed, Harry, but you have to let her heal. Her injuries are quite serious, but she should heal completely as long as the bones can knit properly. And that means staying completely still.”

Harry agreed, sighing deeply.

“You may kiss her all you like, Harry,” Pomfrey told him as she turned to go. “But, please, she has to remain immobile.”

Harry smiled at his redheaded lover.

“Damn, here you are TIED to a bed and all I can do is kiss you!”

Ginny giggled, then laughed, doing her best not to shake around too much.

“Please, Harry, I have to lie still,” she sighed. “I’m so sorry about this.”

“It’s not like you did it on purpose,” Harry said, kissing her again. “I’ll survive. Somehow.”

He gave her his best leer.

“Yes, but will I?” Ginny replied with another sigh. “You at least can wank yourself. I’m not even allowed to masturbate until Monday! And...and you leave for your first Auror mission on Monday and we don’t even know how long you’ll be gone! I’ve missed you so much, Harry!”


Harry and Ginny had started their sexual relationship the very day she turned seventeen. They had done a fair amount of fondling and other intimate activities prior to that, but Ginny had said she wanted to wait until she was of age to have intercourse and Harry agreed, although he pouted at her a great deal.

“Just think how much more delicious it will be when it’s finally time,” Ginny had teased, licking his lips and making it very difficult for Harry to keep his promise.

She flooed to Grimmauld Place with him after her birthday party, where they more than made up for waiting during the rest of that August before Ginny returned to Hogwarts. Her parents and brothers disapproved, but there was little they could actually do since Ginny was now an adult. Ginny was considerate enough to restrict her sex with Harry to Grimmauld Place, although that didn’t really change her family’s feelings about it. Especially since she only came home once a week for Sunday brunch.

They had found the time and opportunity to make love on all four Hogsmeade weekends, all three Quidditch match weekends and, of course, during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Easter had been particularly lascivious, since Hermione and Ron were staying in Grimmauld Place along with them.

McGonagall had turned a blind eye to Harry, and later, Ron, showing up on a Friday evening occasionally and spending the night with their lover, although she warned them to be very discrete and that if anyone complained, the visits would have to cease.

Harry and Ginny, naturally, used the private room that was hers by virtue of being Head Girl. Ron and Hermione made do with the Room of Requirement or, on two occasions, the Prefects’ Bath, and once in Neville’s private quarters which were his by virtue of him being Sprout’s teaching assistant.


All these happy thoughts ran through Harry’s mind as he kissed Ginny again and again. She snickered as his hands constantly reached out to fondle her breasts and then as soon as he touched one, he would pull it back as if he’d been burned.

“It’s alright, Harry,” Ginny told his with a happy smile, her lips puffy after nearly half-an-hour of snogging. “I’m just so sorry that we can’t make love, you know that. Whenever you get back, I swear I’ll stay in bed with you for a solid twenty-four hours. No! Forty-eight hours. And just make Kreacher serve us all our meals in bed!”

“I like the way you think,” Harry grinned, running a finger along her swollen lips. “But, you start practice with the Harpies in the middle of July. I can’t swear I’ll be back by then. No, I will, no matter what. I’m sure there will be ways to do whatever it is we have to quicker and sneakier and...”

Ginny pulled him into another hungry kiss.

“Don’t do anything that would put you in danger, Harry!” she cried. “I want you BACK! Understand! Do things the right way, the safe way. We have seventy or eighty years ahead of us, maybe more. If we don’t get to shag as much as we had hoped to during our first year together, I’m sure we’ll find the time to make it up!”

Harry smiled and agreed and returned to kissing her.

After a while, Ginny reluctantly pushed Harry off her lips, then sighed and smiled.

“I’m getting tired, I do need to rest,” she said. “You go on up to my room in the Heads’ Suite.”

“Umm,” Harry demurred. “Your brother and Hermione?”

“It’s been an hour, Ron doesn’t last more than five minutes the first time according to her,” she snickered. “Besides, Harry, she likes to see you when you’re here, you know that. She’s still your friend.”

“Well, maybe I’ll stop by in the morning, then,” Harry said. “I’m sure Pomfrey will let me sleep in here.”

“No, Harry, she wants to see you tonight,” Ginny insisted, a most unusual expression on her face. “And, Harry, do whatever she tells you to, alright?”

Harry looked at his lover oddly.

“Ah, is there a reason? I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be talking to her right after she’s had sex with Ron. What does she want?”

“Yes, of course there’s a reason. This is Hermione we’re talking about, Harry,” she said somewhat enigmatically with a smile to match.

“Go on, Harry, really. I need to rest, I do, as wonderful as your lips feel on mine. Don’t worry about a thing, just...just enjoy yourself with her, with her and Ron. I know you’re still the best, the very closest of friends. Go on now. You can kiss me awake in the morning,” she concluded, pulling him down for a last, long lingering kiss.

“I’d much rather shag you awake, but I’ll have to be satisfied with a kiss,” Harry said, getting up and heading to the door, still slightly mystified by some of the things Ginny had said.

“Probably the pain potion talking,” Harry figured to himself as he walked towards the Heads’ Suite.

Up in Ginny’s room, Ron was staring at Hermione, his mouth gaping open. And it wasn’t simply because she was sitting on the bed with him with nothing but a diaphanous scrap of sheer silk tossed on over her torso and falling to the top of her thighs. In fact, Ron thought she looked more naked in that thing than she did when she was naked.

“You...you can’t be serious, Hermione?” he asked again.

“We talked about, Ron. Talked about almost the entire Easter holiday while we were at Grimmauld Place. It certainly, ahh, stimulated you, my sexy ginger.”

Ron couldn’t help blushing, then smiling at the beautiful witch in front of him. There had been nothing wrong with the ‘old’ Hermione, but this ‘new’ one that had emerged after he had deflowered her during the Christmas holidays had an awful lot to recommend her.

Just like Harry and Ginny - although Ron still shuddered a little at the thought of his ‘baby’ sister being shagged senseless by his best mate - he and Hermione now simply reveled in their sex together. He’d never dreamed she would become so sensuous and inventive and erotic, and, yes, even down-right lewd sometimes after he had made love to her for the first time. But, sensuous and inventive and erotic and, yes, lewd she had become. And Ron had absolutely no desire for her to revert to the ‘old’ Hermione.

Still what she was proposing was pretty outrageous, even as adventuresome as she had become.

“I was joking when I first proposed it, Hermione,” Ron said.

“Maybe you were,” she said, not helping his state mind, or his erection, by nibbling on his earlobe, “but by the end our week there, Ron, you know you were as serious about as I was. I mean, I was joking some at the beginning, as well, but, Ron, I think we should do this. Just this once. After all, this is Harry we’re talking about. And Ginny.”

“Don’t remind me,” he snorted, making a face.

“Get over it, you...you, you chauvinist twat, you,” Hermione giggled. “Your sister is seventeen, in love, and likes sex just as much as I do. Maybe even more!”

“Don’t say that,” he griped, but with a grin. “Still, are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” Hermione insisted. “But, Ron, you know it’s you I love. If you really don’t want this, we won’t. But, think about Harry..., oh, that must be him!”

Hermione jumped up and ran to answer the knock on the door. Harry’s jaw dropped to his shoes when she opened it.

“Umm,” he muttered blushing and turning his head. “I’m sorry. I’ll come back when you’re dressed!”

Harry started to turn to leave when Hermione grabbed his arm, pulling him into Ginny’s room and shutting the door.

She leaned against the door with a mischievous grin on her face. Harry couldn’t help staring at her, she was simply gorgeous. He had never seen her naked before, although he’d walked in on her in her undies a couple times during the Horcrux hunt.

He nervously looked at Ron, sitting naked on Ginny’s bed, a most unusual grin and expression on his face.

“Ahh, what’s going on?” he asked nervously.

Hermione walked up to him and to Harry’s amazement placed a warm, lingering kiss on his lips.

Harry again let his eyes slide nervously to the bed and flinched, expecting Ron to hex him. But, there was just that funny smile on his lips and a growing erection between his legs.

Hermione broke the kiss and pulled Harry over to the bed. She sat down and stood him in front of her, then started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Hermione!” Harry squeaked. “Wait! Ron? Ron! Help me!”

“I don’t really think I swing that way, mate,” Ron gibed. “Just relax.”

The one thing Harry wasn’t was relaxed. Hermione had slipped his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms and was now attacking his belt buckle. Harry was so flabbergasted by what was happening he couldn’t even offer token resistance.

His trousers fell to his ankles and he finally grabbed Hermione’s wrists when she started tugging at his pants.

“Stop! Hermione! What..what the hell is going on?”

“I want you to make love to me, Harry,” she said, still trying to pull his briefs off him.

“Who are you two?” Harry asked, trying to figure out what sort of spell his two friends were under. Or perhaps they were a couple of Polyjuiced Slytherins who had murdered Hermione and Ron and were going to kill him as well.

Hermione shook her wrists free of Harry’s hands and pulled his pants down to his ankles. She stood up, turned him around and pushed him onto the bed, then proceeded to kneel and remove his shoes and socks, then his trousers and pants, leaving him with nothing but his tee shirt and a raging erection.

Hermione gulped just a little at seeing Harry’s very impressive organ. She wondered momentarily how in the world Ginny could accommodate him, she was not that big a woman.

Harry sat up and looked down at his best female friend kneeling between his legs and looking longingly at his cock.

“Hermione? Ron?” Harry asked, his tone almost begging. “What is going on? You can’t be serious that you want to shag, er, have sex, er, make love to me, Hermione?”

“I am, Harry,” she said, looking at him with her lovely brown eyes wide and full of affection as she slipped her camisole off.

Ron slid over next to him and put an arm around his shoulder. Harry was momentarily nervous that Ron was perhaps lying when he had said he ‘didn’t swing that way,’ but relaxed a touch when his hand stayed on his shoulder.

“I know this is going to sound really strange, Harry, since me and my brothers give you such a hard time about Ginny,” Ron began, that strange smile still on his lips, “but you are the best thing that could have happened to her, you really are. She was really hurting after last year, I’m sure you noticed at least a little.”

Harry had, that’s why he never pressed her for intimacy, knowing she simply needed his closeness and sympathy. She had rewarded his patience and consideration with passion and sexual delight once she turned seventeen.

“Well, I appreciate that, Ron,” Harry said nervously, his eyes still on Hermione kneeling between his thighs and actually licking her lips. “But, what is going on? Me? Make love to Hermione? She’s your girl, your girlfriend, your lover.”

“Well,” Ron said, now looking a tad sheepish, “you know when we were all at Grimmauld Place during the Easter holidays?”

Harry laughed a little nervously as Hermione kissed his thigh.

“Sure! How could I forget?”


Harry and Ron had been waiting for the girls in the main parlor at Grimmauld Place the Saturday morning that the holidays started. When they arrived, their lovers greeted them with a kiss and the two couples promptly disappeared upstairs to their respective bedrooms.

Harry had to get up and go to work Monday morning, having seen nothing of Ron and Hermione all weekend. Of course, he and Ginny hadn’t left his bedroom, or even his bed, except the to use the loo. Ron had taken the week off from his job at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

He didn’t see them until dinner time on Tuesday, although Ginny had assured him Monday night in bed that Kreacher had verified that they were, indeed, still alive. He saw them again Friday night when they all went out to the Leaky Cauldron for a few hours to party with friends, then again Sunday morning when they finally showed their faces at the Burrow for brunch.

Back at school, before settling in for the night, Hermione was in the Heads’ Suite with Ginny.

“So,” Ginny asked with a smirk, “Miss ‘No-Sex-Until-We’re-Married-Ron,’ how many times did you and my git brother do it?”

Hermione actually blushed. “Honestly, Ginny, I don’t know. I lost count at thirty sometime on Thursday. As much fun as it was, I’m glad I’m back. My pussy needs a long, long rest.”

Ginny giggled and hugged her friend. “Tell me about it. I hope I’m able to sit my broom tomorrow.”


Harry was pulled from his musings as Hermione leaned her chin on his thigh, her lips mere inches from his cock.

“Ron and I had a discussion one night...”

“You actually did something other than shag?” Harry snickered.

“Yes, Harry,” Hermione continued, her own enigmatic smile on her puffy lips. “We talked about our most secret, innermost fantasy. What we would want to do if we could have any wish we wanted.”

Harry nodded, suddenly more nervous than ever.

“So...” Harry gulped.

“I want to watch Hermione with another man,” Ron said

“And I want Ron to watch me with another man,” Hermione added.

“I can’t,” Harry said. “Me and Ginny...”

“What did Ginny say to you when she sent you up here, Harry?” Hermione asked.

Harry thought back, his eyes widening and his senses reeling.

“She said to...to do whatever you asked me to. To enjoy myself with you, with you and Ron.. But, Ron, Hermione, I..., I mean, it’s a wonderful offer, but I can’t.”

“Harry,” Hermione said, “Ginny told you it was alright. I talked with her when she was first brought in. She was crying not because she was hurt, but because she wouldn’t be able to make love to you. You’re going off on a real Auror mission Monday, Harry. What happened before the training mission back in March?”

Harry smiled. He had come to Hogwarts and Ginny, of course. He stayed until Monday morning, never leaving Ginny’s bed. Steve, the Head Boy, brought them their meals, joking that Ginny owed him a lot of sex in return for him not turning them into McGonagall. Ginny didn’t have intercourse with him, but did reward him later with an evening of snogging, even giving him a blow job.

The weekend of mind-blowing sex had centered Harry and he was the top student at the end of the training. The thought of what was waiting for him back home forced him to focus and concentrate on doing the right things at the right times.

“But, that was Ginny,” Harry demurred, still staring at Hermione’s center.

“It was also the sex, Harry,” Hermione said. “I know I’m not Ginny, that I can’t replace her, and that’s not my intention in offering to make love to you. She wants you content and relaxed, so you do the right thing. This is a real mission, Harry, you have to stay focused.”

Ron saw that Harry was weakening, but he could be so stubborn. It was time for a slightly more physical enticement.

Hermione gasped as Ron sucked on her neck, his erection poking into the cleft of her cheeks. He fondled a breast with one hand and slid the other down her smooth stomach and into her curls, his fingers spreading her folds and opening her sex to Harry’s gaze.

“Look at her, Harry,” he commanded. “Look at her. Have you ever seen a prettier pussy in your life? Think how it will feel wrapped around you!”

Harry couldn’t tear his eyes away from the erotic sight. There was Hermione’s most intimate parts exposed to him. Her clit was wet and hard, her labia glistening and swollen with desire.

Ron nudged her hips forward with his knee to the very edge of the bed, pulling her back slightly and opening her even further. Harry could gaze directly into the pink depths of her vagina, the musky scent of her arousal wafting into his nostrils.

“Take her, Harry!” Ron urged him.

“Take me, Harry!” Hermione begged him.

Harry decided at this point that this was either the most erotic dream he’d ever had, or a potion-induced hallucination, so he figured he might as well enjoy it. He leaned forward and ran his tongue over Hermione’s clit, then softly massaged it with his lips. She tasted amazing.

“Isn’t it pretty, Harry?” Ron asked.

“It’s certainly in the top two,” Harry mumbled, his tongue making lazy circles around the hard bundle of nerves, as Hermione moaned and put her feet up onto his shoulders.

“Just how...how many pu...pu...pussies have you...you seen, Ha...Ha...Harry?” Hermione managed to ask between gasps of pleasure.

“Including yours? Two.”

Ron snickered, oddly pleased that Harry had not been intimate with anyone but his sister. It wasn’t that he had seen all that much other pussy, either. He’d seen Lavender’s, but she wouldn’t let him touch it. He’d seen Ginny’s simply because there were seven kids in the Burrow and one bathroom. Of course, the last time he’d seen hers, she didn’t even have hair down there. And he had caught a glimpse of Angie’s down at the shop when he walked in on her and George in the stockroom.

Harry sank his tongue deep inside Hermione’s most inviting channel, swirling it around within it while his upper lip continued massaging her clit. She wrapped her legs tightly around his shoulders and pulled him more tightly into her.

“Harreeee,” she hissed. “Harreee!”

Harry continued his expert attentions upon Hermione’s now very excited sex, his hands slipping up the back of her thighs and cupping her most delightfully soft cheeks and pulling her as close to his mouth as he could.

Ron’s oral techniques never failed to please Hermione and Harry’s were just as skillful, although slightly different. That made no difference to Hermione who was very close to orgasm by now.

“Harry! Harry! Please, I...I, I’m almost...almost...”

Hermione came with a gush of warm juices, whimpering as Harry greedily lapped them up, while Ron’s lips continued to assault her neck and shoulders and his fingers the hard peaks of her rosy nipples.

Ron nearly came as he watched his lover come undone from his best mate’s ministrations. Harry almost came as his favorite female friend filled his mouth with her sweet liquors and her firm thighs squeezed his head between them, all while her incredible aroma assailed his nose.

Harry thought that perhaps this would satisfy his friends’ fantasy, but Hermione’s legs fell from his shoulders, then she pulled him onto the bed with surprising strength and laid him on his back.

She quickly straddled him, her wet lips stroking along his now almost painfully hard erection. She looked at Ron, whose eyes were wide and dark with lust, then smiled down at Harry.

“I want you, Harry, want you inside me.”

He tried to say no, but his lips murmured a yes. Hermione lifted her hips, then took him in her soft hand. She stroked him up and down along her folds a few times, then putting the head between her lips, slowly sank down, moaning as she settled fully onto him.

She had sworn to herself that she wasn’t going to compare Ron and Harry, but now that she actually had Harry’s cock deep inside her, it was impossible not to.

“He’s not as long, but he’s much thicker,” she thought as she began to slowly rock on him, her eyes closed in blissful pleasure as her best friend’s cock stretched and stroked her in so many new, different and erotic ways.

Harry also slipped into sexual reverie as Hermione’s tight, wet walls surrounded him and now were sliding up and down along his length, squeezing and fluttering and driving him to the brink of insanity.

Ron was mesmerized by the sight of his two best friends engaged in the most intimate act possible. He had thought that he would be angry or upset at seeing his lover with another man once he was actually inside her, even his best mate, but that wasn’t the case. Watching Harry’s cock appear, then disappear into Hermione’s dark brown curls, her labia sliding along it, had hardened his cock more than he thought was possible.

He reached over and gathered a bit of Hermione’s wetness from between her legs, not even concerned that he was also touching Harry, then spread it along his length and began stroking himself in time with Hermione’s rhythm.

Both Harry and Hermione had gasped when they felt Ron’s hand, but soon forgot and concentrated on the incredible pleasure they were both experiencing.

“It’s wonderful, Harry,” Hermione murmured, bending over and kissing him, her hips speeding up as her climax approached.

“I...I don’t have the words, Hermione,” Harry almost whimpered, returning her kiss and dropping his hands from her breasts to her hips, assisting her movements and doing his best to hold off until she was ready.

Hermione bending over and completely exposing herself and Harry to him drew another gasp of pleasure from Ron and his own strokes sped up.

They all realized it couldn’t last much longer. The sheer eroticness of the act was overwhelming them.

Hermione cried out as she came with a shattering orgasm, her insides burning and coiling as her muscles flexed and her release flowed from her, pooling at the base of Harry’s cock.

Harry came on his next stroke, pulsing into her with a hard thrust at each spasm of pleasure and moaning with delight at feeling her soft walls clench him inside her.

As Ron saw Hermione’s juices leak from her over Harry’s balls, he came himself, his spill splashing into the cleft between Hermione’s cheeks. She moaned into Harry’s mouth at the feel of the warm sticky moisture splashing onto her tingling skin. She screamed as the sensation of Ron’s semen flowing over her pucker, then down over the sensitive flesh between her legs, making her come once more.

Harry nearly died as Hermione clenched him again, the firm pulsations of her sheath along his still hard cock almost making him pass out with pleasure.

Ron stroked the rest of his wad out onto Hermione’s arse, then ran his cock along her crack and between her legs, not even caring that it was banging into Harry’s that was still moving slowly inside Hermione. Harry didn’t care either. In fact, he found the sensation highly erotic and stimulating.

Harry finally softened completely and Hermione slowly and regretfully rolled off him. She settled into his embrace, then reached out and pulled Ron up to snuggle into her back.

“I love you, love you both,” she murmured. Harry and Ron didn’t speak, simply hugging her between them.

Harry awoke later as the bed was shaking under him. He smiled as he looked into Hermione’s flushed face, her features crinkled with pleasure and concentration, her one leg hooked over Ron’s thigh as he thrust into her forcefully from behind.

Harry thought perhaps he should roll over, but Hermione’s eyes opened and reached out for his hand, guiding it down to her center.

“Stroke me, help me, help me come,” she panted.

Harry did so, again not concerned that he was touching Ron’s cock sometimes as his fingers slipped and slid through Hermione’s sodden curls and slick slit. He rubbed and squeezed her pearl and smiled, watching the flush on her face deepen, her lips spewing very un-Hermione-like obscenities as she came. Ron’s motions made it obvious he was coming as well.

She mouthed a thank you to him and they all fell back to sleep.

Harry nearly groaned as a few hours later he felt a pair of lips sliding up and down his cock, a warm, agile tongue teasing the head. He reached down and was very relieved to feel his fingers tangle in Hermione’s frizzy hair. She looked up from her work, her hair in wild disarray and framing her lovely face. Her supple tongue teased him a little more then she laid herself on top of him and stretched up to kiss him.

“Make love to me again, please, Harry.”

“I...I thought it was only supposed to be one time,” Harry muttered, hardening at the feel of her soft curves and warm flesh pressing into his body.

“Our secret, we won’t have to tell,” she whispered. “Please.”

Harry sighed, then smiled and kissed her.

After a while, he rolled her underneath, sheathing himself inside her with a gasp of delight. She was so wet, so hot. The fact that his and Ron’s semen was partially responsible for this didn’t even occur to him.

He pressed himself closely on top of her as he moved softly and steadily within her soft, warm embrace. She hugged him tightly, wrapping her shapely legs around his and stroking his hips with her thighs.

Harry loved this most common of positions, the feeling of his partner’s flesh touching so much of his body just thrilled and excited him. Ginny would call him a chauvinist pig, then make love to him with all the passion and strength in her lithe, muscular body.

Harry hadn’t wanted to compare Ginny and Hermione, either, but as she had found, it was impossible not to do so a little. Hermione was taller and heavier than Ginny, so Harry felt comfortable with letting more of his weight rest on her as they moved together. It also made her easier to kiss, which he did often.

Since Harry had made love to her only a few hours earlier, he needed a little longer before he could reach his climax. Hermione didn’t mind in the least, as he brought her to one, then another, then yet another orgasm before coming inside her with a shout.

They continued to hold each other tightly as Harry continued moving slowly within her.

“It was beautiful, Harry,” Hermione sighed. “I’m even a little sorry that we’ll never be able to make love to each other again.”

“I am, too,” he said honestly. “But, we both know it’s the only way.”

“I know, I do. I wanted you, you know, during the hunt. There were times when I just wanted to crawl into your bed with you and lose myself in the sweet oblivion I knew I would find in your arms. I was so scared, so lonely sometimes, that I thought I’d give up if I couldn’t have you. I was so afraid that I’d die and never have known the love of a man.”

Harry actually wept a little at hearing such an emotional and passionate confession from his best friend.

“I wanted you, too, I really did. But,” he smiled deprecatingly, “you know me, old noble Harry. I was afraid that it was the Horcrux, trying to get me to take you against your will, so I just couldn’t approach you. Not like that, not for that...that reason.”

Harry finally rolled off her and they snuggled together, Hermione’s back pressed against Ron.

Harry awoke around dawn, both Ron and Hermione were still fast asleep. She had rolled over and her soft breasts were pressed into Ron’s broad, freckled back, her one leg hooked over his and her free hand cupping his manhood.

Harry smiled at the scene, kissed her softly between her shoulder blades, then carefully got out of bed and dressed. He went to the door, taking one last look at his two best friends snuggled so intimately together, opened it, then closed it softly behind him.

He couldn’t help snickering at hearing moans of pleasure coming from Steve’s room. The private room was probably the greatest incentive for studying hard and becoming Head Boy or Head Girl. He was so proud of Ginny for accomplishing it, especially considering how very, very stressful and difficult her sixth year had been. But, nothing fazed his redheaded lover; not threats, not torture, not even being possessed by Voldemort himself.

Harry went down to the infirmary. Ginny was still sleeping, so he summoned another bed over next to hers, laid down and went back to sleep, holding her hand.

“Really, Mr. Potter,” Pomfrey huffed at him a couple hours later. “This is an infirmary, not a house of ill repute.”

Ginny was awake and smiling at him.

“I need to check Ginny’s progress,” Pomfrey said. “You need to leave.”

“Madam Pomfrey,” Ginny said softly. “It’s not like Harry hasn’t seen that part of me. A lot!” she concluded with a giggle.

Pomfrey scowled, then shrugged. “Oh, alright. No touching, Mr. Potter.”

What Pomfrey had to do wasn’t all that sexy anyway. There were the usual chores necessary for any patient who couldn’t walk to the loo. Pomfrey adjusted some of the straps around Ginny’s legs and hips, then had her drink a couple of potions.

“You may now kiss her goodbye, Mr. Potter,” the nurse growled. Her features then softened and she looked at Harry and Ginny with affection.

“I’m so sorry, but you still can’t touch her intimately, Harry. This is the most critical time of the healing process. Everything is going just fine. I promise you, Harry, that when you’re back from your mission, she’ll be ready to be rogered to within an inch of her life.”

Harry and Ginny just gaped at the elderly matron, unable to believe that the stern, austere nurse had actually uttered those words.

Harry got up and gave the wonderful woman a hug.

“I can’t thank you enough, Madam Pomfrey.”

“It’s my job, Mr. Potter,” she said, reverting to her usual practical self. “You should probably say your goodbyes and be on your way. Minerva usually pays me a visit on Saturday mornings to go over the week’s events.”

Harry spend a delightful quarter hour kissing Ginny’s sweet lips and exploring her delicious mouth.

As he rose to go, Ginny finally asked him:

“How...how was it, Harry?”

He sat back down and kissed her with all the tenderness and love he could summon.

“I can’t believe you love me so much that you ordered me to do this. It was...beautiful.”

“You and Hermione have always had a special relationship, a special bond, Harry,” Ginny said, her eyes glistening. “When she told me her fantasy, I just couldn’t refuse her. I know what you need, Harry, I do. I couldn’t give it to you and when she offered, I just had to let you do it. Do you hate me?”

She started crying, Harry kissed her tears away.

“Hate you? You should hate me. I...I really got into it, I did. I...I even forgot about you, about us for a while. I’m sorry.”

Ginny stroked his face. “Don’t be. I knew what I was doing, what this would mean to our relationship.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s only made it stronger. Hermione was amazing, an incredibly sensual lover. Your brother is getting a lot more than he deserves, believe me. But, you, Ginny, you know it’s you I love. And once I’m back, it’s you and me forever, I promise.”

“It’s always been you and me, Harry,” Ginny cried, but happy tears now. “I agree, Ron is much too much a git to deserve someone like her. But, she claims she loves him. I suppose that even the brightest witch of her age is entitled to one or two bad decisions.”

Harry laughed and kissed her once more. “I’ll owl you or Floo you when I know just when I’ll be home. Just be naked and ready.”

“With bells on and nothing else, I promise,” Ginny smiled.

She then looked at him, an evil smirk on his lips.

“So, any fantasies you’d like to fulfill, Mr. Potter?”

“Funny you should ask,” he said, leaning over and whispering in her ear.

Hermione was levitating a tray of food to the infirmary for Ginny. She was smiling happily and walking with just a slight hitch in her stride. Ron had ‘forced’ himself on her once more before he left.

“Good gods,” she thought. “Five times in barely eleven hours. I must have had a dozen orgasms. Me, Hermione Granger, the ‘Virgin of Gryffindor’ am now the ‘Whore of Hogwarts!’”

She entered the infirmary and waved her wand. Ginny’s bed levitated into a vertical position so she could eat comfortably, the straps and spells holding her body tightly to the mattress.

“How are you feeling, Ginny?”

“Horny and hungry,” she grinned. “So?”

Hermione blushed, then sat down.

“I can’t begin to thank you, Ginny,” she said, actually letting tears flow down her cheeks. “You are such a lucky woman.”

“Oh, Ron will treat you right, we both know that,” Ginny insisted, reaching out and taking Hermione’s hand.

“I guess this has finally put closure on my life as far as the war goes,” Hermione said. “I finally told Harry how much I had wanted him while we were hunting, but I’m glad now that we didn’t. He’s a marvelous lover, I would never have wanted to let him go if I’d had him first. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be saying things like that.”

“Hermione,” Ginny said, “you’re a passionate, sensuous woman, no matter how much you’ve tried to repress it. I understand your attraction to Harry all too well, believe me. You two are so close, you always will be. I couldn’t deny you the fulfillment of your fantasy.”

“It was much more than a fantasy, Ginny,” Hermione confessed. “It was approaching an obsession. I’m so glad your brother is a pervert. And I mean that in the best possible way.”

The grin on Hermione’s lips made Ginny laugh.

“You didn’t plant that suggestion in his head, did you?”

“No, I swear, Ginny, I didn’t,” Hermione said. “He confessed that towards the end of his involvement with Lavender he thought about her with another man. He said that when he first rejoined us, he was sure that Harry and I had done it and was trying to figure out how to ask if he watch one night.”

“You’re right, he is a pervert,” Ginny giggled. “Fred and George would make love to Angie and Katie in the same room, so I guess it runs in the family. Well, what’s on the tray, I’m hungry.”

Ginny pouted as Hermione place a tray full of fruit, yogurt and oatmeal in front of her.

“Where’s my sausage? My eggs and bacon? My bagels and cream cheese? My potatoes?”

“You’re flat on your back, strapped to a bed,” Hermione reminded her. “You don’t need 3000 calories today.

Ginny grumbled but ate heartily.

As Hermione rose to leave, Ginny gave her the patented Weasley evil smirk as perfectly by George and Fred.

“You know, Harry finally told me his deepest, darkest fantasy.”

“I can just imagine,” Hermione snorted. “Who does he want to see you in bed with? Not Ron, I hope!”

“No! You!”

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from: hollyboo2001
date: Mar. 9th, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)

Oh sweet Lord!
I just happened to go over to the Art Tales page to check out the deadline dates and I saw this!

**does Kermit the Frog's "Yay!" arm flail**

1. I am so very very very sorry that I'm just now seeing and getting to read this as you posted it in January (ducks head under desk in shame)!
2. You went above and beyond that little scenerio I drew! This. Is. Epic. Hotness!!!!!!!
3. After reading this, I am now very lightheaded and counting down the hours until my husband get home from work!


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(no subject)

from: pettybureaucrat
date: Mar. 9th, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)

I'm truly delighted that you enjoyed it. I may have mentioned it in reviews of your art before, but your 'naughty' drawings are just fantastic! I absolutely adore your Harry/Ginny art, although your Trio art and R/H art is just as hot.

I might be intrested in a commission (although I'm retired and on a fixed income) in the future.

I hope to see more of your wonderful work in the near future.

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(no subject)

from: hollyboo2001
date: Mar. 10th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)

Aw now, you're making me blush!
But thank you so much for the wonderful compliment.
And by all means, whenever it's reasonable for you to do so, I'd be glad to work with you on a commission.
Yep, more art is on the way! :D

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