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Jan. 14th, 2009 | 10:12 am
location: home
mood: okayokay

Haven't posted in a long time - nothing all that unusual going on.

Both daughters and their finaces were here for Xmas, including my oldest girl's French boyfriend. Very nice young man. They're not actually getting married, not to start with. They're doing the French equivalent of a civil union. It has some French name that I can't remember though.

My youngest has a job already even though she's still got one semester to go at Findlay U. Her finace is learning to drive big rigs to make money until they can move to someplace where he can use his CGI skills. Not much work for him in NW Ohio.

Been going to a lot of movies.

Quantum of Solace - Outstanding. Daniel Craig is just perfect as Bond. His 'glare' could cut glass, exactly the way Fleming wrote Bond in the 50s.

The Spirit - a fun romp with Frank Miller's trademark film style. Samuel L. Jackson's Octopus was totally over-the-top. The best wacked out villain since Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Interesting, but doesn't hold a candle to the original.

Valkyrie - Surprisingly moving and historically accurate to boot (within the normal cinematic limits). Tom Cruise was quite effective in the role in my opinion. Too bad he's such a dumbass in real life, being a Scientologist. Can't imagine what anyone can see in those charlatans.

Will probably see Craig again this weekend in Defiance. The History Channel showed a documentary about the Bielski (spelling?) brothers, whose story Defiance depicts. A truly amazing tale of survival.

Other than that life is ordinary.

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday (Xmas, Hannukah (sp?), Kwanzaa, Solstice, whatever) and are enjoying a not-too-stressful New Year.

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