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Ramblings - My Boy Jack

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Apr. 21st, 2008 | 04:25 am

Watched the PBS presentation last night. A heartbreaking story, all the more so since it's true.

Quite impressed with all the cast. Dan certainly brought intensity to the role.

I was yelling at him to just lie still at the end and stop trying to be a fucking hero. It might have been possible that the Germans would have picked him up when they searched for their own wounded. Despite an earlier comment in the show, at least at the beginning of the war, the Germans treated their British POWs fairly decently, especially officers.

I've always had a morbid fascination with World War I, wondering what could have driven sensible men on all sides to simply fling their bodies into the maelstrom of shells and bullets that they HAD to know they had no chance of surviving.

During the 4 years and approx. 3 months of WWI, around 4 soldiers were killed EVERY MINUTE.

I recall another PBS British show a number of years ago about a 'Pals' battalion made up of farm workers that apparently surrendered and then were summarily executed by the Turks at Gallipoli. Does anyone remember this and what the title might have been?

Seen a few movies the last few weeks. 10000 B.C. which was a silly movie but fun nonetheless. The Other Boleyn Girl which wasn't as good as I had hoped but was still interesting. Doomsday, which was surprisingly good (for the sort of film it was). It did steal a lot from Mad Max/Road Warrior and Mad Max/Beyond Thunderdome. Getting away in a Bentley, though, now that's CLASS!

Just replaced cable with Satellite TV. Better picture, lower prices, plus a free year of Showtime! Started watching 'The Tudors' which looks like a really good show.

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She of the Public Fangasms

(no subject)

from: deathlyh7212007
date: Aug. 26th, 2008 07:51 pm (UTC)

I saw it as well. Loved every second. Especially if the seconds included Dan.

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