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Fic - Best of Enemies

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Oct. 4th, 2007 | 05:35 am
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This was my contribution to the HP Summersmut. Comments, criticism and bashing are all welcome.

Title: Best of Enemies
Requestor: nicalyse
Author/Artist: pettybureaucrat
Rating: NC-17
Words: 8700~
Pairing: Hermione/Draco (a little Hermione/Ron)
Summary: An unfulfilling introduction to sex starts Hermione wondering if someone else can give her what she wants.
Warnings: Strong sexual content, strong language
Author's Notes: I found writing this pair quite exciting. I'm even toying with expanding this story if it's well received. Written before DH was released, so now AU.

"Maybe this wasn't the best idea I've ever had," Hermione thought, biting her lip at the pain as Ron entered her and ended her life as a virgin.

He was long and thick and Hermione let out a gasp as she felt her maidenhead riven and the most intimate and private area of her body stretched as her vagina protested his amorous invasion. It wasn't that the pain was overwhelming. It was just sharp and then began to feel more like a burning or stinging sensation.

She started to push her hips back up at Ron in time with his thrusts as she had done many times in the past as his long fingers with their Quidditch callouses had introduced her to heretofore unexperienced sensual pleasures. Ron's tongue had brought her close to the edge of passion, had her moaning his name, as her fingers tangled in his hair and pushed him tightly into her.

She had felt herself begin to warm, then moisten in preparation for accepting him inside her. Ron seemed to be moving effortlessly in and out of her. She could even hear the soft 'gushy' sound his cock made entering and leaving her, as well as the slap of his hips against her thighs.

She still couldn't believe that here she was, giving up her virginity, on top of Professor Flitwick's desk in his Charms classroom. She had pictured a nice soft bed or, at least, a blanket on top of some soft grass, not a hard wooden desktop. Ron was actually standing up, holding her legs up as he pushed himself in and out of her, his face a picture of pleasure, his breath rapidly becoming grunts of desire as he pushed himself into her deeply, making her hiss with a combination of pleasure and pain.. She lifted her head, could just see his cock appear then disappear into her just below her wet, brown curls. The sight was exciting and erotic and she moaned softly with delight.

"Gods, Hermione!" he gasped, his thrusts speeding up, "You're fantastic! Brilliant! Oh, gods, you're so, so, SO tight! Oh, gods! Yes! I'm...I'm going to...to...Hermione! YESSS!!"

Hermione whimpered a little as she felt him cum into her, hot and sticky, as he had felt in her hand on the occasions she had returned the manual pleasures he had thrilled her with. He continued to thrust, spilling himself into her as she pushed herself forcefully against him at the nexus of their joining, desperate to fulfill her own need, her own craving to experience the supreme pleasure of orgasm.

However, Ron was slowing down now, his movements into her becoming jerky as he panted and gasped, his face a mask of satisfaction. "Hermione!" he moaned, his eyes alight with lust fulfilled. "Gods! Yes! Oh, fucking brilliant! Gods, Hermione! It was so, so GOOD!"

He backed out of her, his now almost flaccid manhood glistening with her juices and a few spots of her virginal blood.

"Ron!" she cried morosely, "I...I haven't gotten there yet! Why aren't you...you doing something to...to help me!? Please!"

He reached with in with his hand, began stroking her aching nub with his thumb, rubbing it with gentle pressure in a circular motion. It was not enough.

"Harder! Ron! Lick it! Please, oh, please, lick it!"

Ron made a face but bent over and tentatively licked at the hard little peak between the soft, wet folds above her now opened womanhood. She wanted to feel his tongue back inside her, wanted to reach down and stroke and rub herself, wanted to cum, cum so desperately.

He continued for about half a minute then pulled away. "I can't, Hermione! It's...it's all covered with...with my spunk! And blood! Don't worry! I'm sure the next time we do it that you'll have a dozen orgasms! I love you!" he said, leaning over and kissing her, his tongue invading her mouth and touching it in all her favorite places. His softened organ pressed against her mons, leaking little driblets of his semen onto her skin.

Hermione returned his kiss, her own tongue dancing with his. "I guess he's right," she sighed inwardly. "Lots of witches don't have an orgasm their first time or at least that's what I've read. It wasn't all that bad. He did feel nice, oh, so very, very hard and long inside me. I'll need to get to the Prefect's Bath, though, before we go back to Gryffindor."

Ron pulled his boxers and trousers up with a satisfied smile, then helped Hermione up from the desk and watched as she pulled her simple cotton knickers back on. She wiggled a bit and wrinkled her nose at the feel of all their 'fluids' gathering in the crotch. Plus, her vagina was smarting and stinging with an irritating burn rather than trembling and throbbing with the warm, satiated pleasure it should experiencing, at least according to what she had read in so many cheap, cheesy romance novels.

Ron left her at the Bath entrance with a kiss and said he'd see her back in the common room. She entered, stripped and eased herself into the water, wincing just slightly as it first touched her ravaged pussy.

She finished lowering her shapely, pale body into the tub and settled herself on the ledge a couple feet below the surface, her perfect breasts just above the layer of bubbles. "Somehow, I thought it would be, well, better. More romantic. More...more erotic!" she mused as she softly rubbed herself between her legs. "I don't know why I just had to...to lose my cherry tonight! I guess it just seemed the perfect opportunity. Everything seems to be going so well right now."

She thought back to the remarkable month of August when she, Ron, Harry and a not-to-be-denied Ginny had located all three missing Horcruxes. They were now safely hidden in the Chamber of Secrets until they could discover how to destroy them.

First of all, the true locket had been at Grimmauld Place all the time. Harry had forced Kreacher to turn it over to him, by threatening to free him after burning the picture of Walburga Black, his 'dear Mistress.'

Hermione herself had discovered Hufflepuff's Cup in the British Museum of all places. It had been found when the old orphanage where Tom Riddle had spent his childhood had been demolished. Being a most unusual artifact, the construction site supervisor had called the Urban Archeology experts at the museum who came and agreed that it needed further study. The theft was still unsolved by Scotland Yard.

The third Horcrux, Ravenclaw's tiara, had been in a London estate jeweler's shop practically since Harry's parents had died. They had tracked down a muggle witness to the destruction of the Potters' house in Godric's Hollow. He told the four of them, after several drinks and an unfulfilled promise from Ginny and Hermione to shag his lips loose, that he had found it in between the time Hagrid had left with the infant Harry and the muggle authorities appeared on the scene. Voldemort apparently had it with him, intending to tear his soul after he killed the infant Harry but apparently had done so after killing Harry's father. The muggle sold it shortly thereafter to the jeweler who became 'possessed' by it and never resold it. Ginny and Ron had gotten a childish thrill out of helping to stage a 'brazen daylight robbery' as the muggle press referred to it.

The Trio, or Quartet now, had decided to return to Hogwarts where they were probably better protected than anywhere else. They all realized they needed to hone their magical skills as much as possible before facing the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. They re-instituted the D.A. to assist in the final confrontation. Once Voldemort felt he was strong enough to attack the school, they would destroy Nagini then Harry would fight Voldemort and the issue would be decided once and for all.

She and Ron had been snogging and fondling on their Prefect patrols, exploring each other's body more and more intimately. He did not pressure her too hard to yield her virginity to him, but he certainly made his desire to have intercourse with her very plain. His large erection constantly poking into her thigh or groin as they kissed and stroked each other was an unmistakable hint. After her 18th birthday, Hermione figured she was mature enough to finally experience this most intimate of all sexual congress and tonight simply seemed the perfect opportunity after finding Flitwick's classroom surprisingly unsecured.

Hermione arose from the bath, sighing to herself, "I shouldn't have done it, not...not like that. I love Ron, well, I think I do. But it certainly wasn't like I expected my first time to be and..."

Hermione screamed and summoned a towel to cover herself as Draco Malfoy walked into the bath. He gave her his patented smirk as his eyes scanned her barely hidden nude form.

"I always wondered what was hidden under those shapeless robes and horrid Muggle clothes of yours, Granger. If I had realized you looked this good, I would have offered to pop your cherry in our 5th year."

"What...what the bloody hell are you doing in here, Malfoy!" she screamed. "You...you're not a Prefect anymore! You should be in prison you...you ferret-faced traitor!"

"I was cleared of all charges by the Wizengamut, Granger," he replied, stifling a yawn as he started unbuttoning his shirt. "I was under the Imperius or don't you read at the Daily Prophet's educational level yet?"

"I read it! I just don't believe it, you...you murderous swine! You just bought your way out, that's all!" she yelled. "What...what the hell do you think you're doing!? Don't you get undressed! You...you can't stay in here! I'm naked! Get out!"

"You feeble minded Gryffindors should remember to change ALL the passwords for the Bath. I need to bathe and I'm not about to let your mudblood prudery stop me. Close your eyes if you don't wish to gaze upon my god-like body!" he said cockily, unbuttoning his trousers and letting them fall to the floor.

Hermione stood rooted to the spot. The towel was too skimpy to wrap around her and if she moved Malfoy would have an unrestricted view of her rear end. But she couldn't stand there and just watch him strip, could she?

Draco took off his tee shirt and Hermione barely stopped a gasp as she admired his toned abs and pecs and wide shoulders. He looked a lot like Ron and, yes, Harry. Quidditch obviously was good for something. Then the gasp was forced from her as he slipped off his boxers and stood in front of her totally naked, his long penis hanging down between his legs.

"Gods!" she gulped, her eyes wide. "It's...it's bigger than Ron's! Almost as big as Harry's!" She blushed involuntarily, remembering walking in on Harry in the bathroom at the Burrow as he stepped out of the shower one morning.

Draco leered and let his eyes focus on her exposed cleavage and long, shapely legs. "Like what you see, Granger? Say the word and I'll be happy to deflower you, once I've summoned a condom. I wouldn't dare risk my manhood by putting it in YOU unprotected!"

Despite her embarrassment, she flared at his insults. "Sorry, Malfoy, but I'm allergic to latex, so you'll have to risk having it fall off! And what makes you so sure I'm a virgin?" she challenged, still unable to tear her eyes away from his cock.

He stuck his tongue out and made a gagging noise. "Oh, gods! Not you and the...the Weasel!? Don't you have ANY pride, Granger? One more reason I'd never pollute myself with you."

Something snapped in Hermione as she seethed inwardly, "Pollute himself? Why, that arrogant, conceited, strutting, bigoted pile of dragon turds! I've had enough of his insults!"

She dropped the towel and smiled a little as she heard Draco suck in a breath, unable to help himself. "Damn it all to hell!" his mind reeled. "She is the finest looking piece I've ever seen! And the Weasel has been getting into that!?"

She slowly sauntered over to him and stood directly in front of him, her wet, curly nether hair almost brushing his suddenly no longer flaccid prick. She looked down at it, licked her lips and then looked up into his eyes.

"Oh, I see you ARE interested in me, aren't you, Malfoy? My, my, thinking of 'polluting' yourself with the Muggleborn know-it-all? You're nicely hung, but I've seen better, lots better!" she lied, hoping she sounded convincing.

"Don't think much of yourself, do you, Granger? I've seen better too and fucked it as well! You probably couldn't handle me anyway in that cold, dry hole between your fat thighs," he replied, cursing his inability to control his erection as his eyes wandered over her firm, shapely body.

She walked her fingers up his nearly hairless, sculpted chest and gave him her sexiest smile. "Want to feel it and see just how cold and dry it is?" she dared.

Draco moved his hand towards the brown triangle at the juncture of her thighs. She slapped his hand away, walked over to her clothes and picking up her wand dried herself and charmed her clothes back on.

"When Quintapeds fly and Slytherins stop living underground, that's when you'll get your feel, Malfoy! Not one minute sooner. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to change the passwords. I'll do it tomorrow. Don't jerk off in the tub, other people use it as well." she snapped, departing with a satisfied smile.

She slowly made her way back to Gryffindor tower, musing to herself, "I can't believe I stood there stark naked in front of Draco Malfoy! Gods, what a cock! Hermione Granger, you dirty-minded, little whore! Don't think about things like that! He'd never make love to you, just...just 'fuck' you so he could tell everyone he had!"

Hermione went up to the Gryffindor common room and found Ron chatting up Victoria Frobisher, a very pretty, dark haired 4th year. He saw her, smiled goofily and waved, then went back to talking to Vicky, who was shamelessly admiring the bulge in his trousers.

Hermione heaved a sigh and walked up to the girl's dormitories and looked into Ginny's room. The redhead was sitting on her bed working on an essay. Hermione felt odd, asking a witch almost two years younger than herself for advice on love and sex, but Ginny was always honest and forthcoming and had helped Hermione come to grips with some of her Muggleborn insecurities before.

Hermione sat on the bed and Ginny looked up and smiled at her. Then she saw her confused and somewhat downcast expression.

"What did Ron do now, the git?" she asked with preamble.

"He, well, he and I, well, we...we..." Hermione didn't know how to say it.

Ginny stared wide eyed at her friend and then said with a touch of disbelief in her voice, "You...you and Ron? Oh, gods, Hermione, don't tell me you two actually...actually did it? Had sex? Where? When? WHY?"

Hermione nodded, then started crying to her friend, "I don't know why now, Ginny. We...we did it on Flitwick's desk! His desk! I...I lost my maidenhood on a teacher's desk! I don't know what I was thinking! I guess I just didn't know what else to try since I certainly didn't want to do it standing up in a broom cupboard! I feel, well, I feel cheated, I guess. I...I didn't even have an orgasm."

Ginny pulled Hermione into a hug, forced her to lie down on her mattress. She closed her curtains and cast Silencing and Imperturbable charms.

"Tell me, Hermione!" Ginny asked, tenderly but insistently. "It just seems so unlike you! Why tonight of all nights? It's bleeding Wednesday! We have class tomorrow! Are you sore?"

Hermione shook her head, still crying, "I stopped at the Prefect's Bath, so I shouldn't be in pain tomorrow. And to top everything off, Malfoy came in and...and saw me naked! And then HE undressed and I saw HIM naked!"

Ginny couldn't suppress a small grin. "Really? Wow! What's the ferret look like in the buff? Is he well hung?"

"GINNY!" Hermione almost wailed. "It isn't funny! I...I dropped my towel and...and dared him to touch me! I...I almost wanted him to! I was just so disappointed by the experience tonight. Ron says we'll do better next time, but should I do it again, Ginny? And...and Ron was in the common room trying to seduce Vicky Frobisher when I came back!"

"Dork! Prick!" Ginny muttered rather unkindly about her brother. "Hermione, I know you and Ron have been friends forever and, well, have been getting very close. How can you help it? After all, Harry's taken!" Ginny concluded with a dreamy grin.

"Did...did you cum, er, have an orgasm your first time, Ginny?" Hermione asked, blushing deeply at asking her friend such a personal, intimate question.

Ginny frowned momentarily, then answered, smiling wryly, "That's a rather personal question, Hermione! What makes you think I've even had a first time?"

"You haven't!?" Hermione replied in surprise. "I...I, well, I just assumed, I mean, you and Harry are...are, well... You're still a virgin, Ginny?" she asked, embarrassed now at her assumption.

Ginny smiled again and hugged Hermione closely. "No, I'm afraid I'm no longer a virgin, Hermione. Yes, I had an orgasm my first time. Four, in fact."

"Really?" Hermione gasped. "Four!? Really?"

"Why would I lie, Hermione? You're my friend, my best friend," Ginny told her sincerely. "I did have the advantage of doing it in a bed. My bed, in fact."

"Who? When?" Hermione couldn't stop from asking.

"Well, Harry, of course!" Ginny said, looking at her as if she were an idiot. "You didn't miss us during Bill and Fleur's reception? Good! Fortunately, neither did my parents!"

"Oh, so that's why you two snuck off by yourselves so much while we were searching for the Horcruxes?" Hermione asked, arching her eyebrows suggestively.

Ginny actually blushed a little. "Well, yes. Sex is kind of like one of your illegal Muggle drugs, Hermione. Once you get a couple samples you want it more and more!"

"How many times have you done it, Ginny?" the older witch asked, fascinated.

"You're being nosy again," Ginny jibed. "Oh, let's see, it's the middle of October, right? Umm, I guess about a hundred times."

Hermione's mouth dropped open. "You...you've SHAGGED Harry a hundred times?!" she practically screamed. "Ginny! It hasn't been three months since Bill's wedding!"

Ginny simply nodded and continued to grin happily. "Well, it's not like we only do it once each time we sleep together. We are young and in really good shape, you know!" Ginny said with a distinct touch of pride.

"Sleep together? Here? How?" Hermione couldn't believe it.

"Promise you won't tell? Swear?" Ginny asked, her voice and face serious.

"I swear, Ginny! How do you do it!?"

"Well," she began, blushing a little, "Harry flies up to my dormitory window on his Firebolt and I levitate him into my bed when none of my roommates are watching! He's very good at Silencing charms. Sometimes, especially on weekends, we can manage three times a night! Even an afternoon delight once in awhile!"

Hermione just shook her head. Why didn't she talk to Ginny first. She could have lost her virginity in comfort and privacy instead of worrying about being discovered on Flitwick's desk. She felt her tears start again.

Ginny hugged her tightly, stroking her back and face. "It'll be alright, Hermione, really. Ron may be a prat and something of a chauvinist, but he does love you. At least Harry says he talks to him all the time about how much he loves you. You can shag Harry one night if you'd like."

Hermione blushed and coughed. "Ha...Ha...Harry? You're not serious, Ginny? You can't be? Aren't you two, well, exclusive?"

"I am," Ginny answered, "but Harry, well, he's very popular with other witches. Oh, he doesn't sleep around very much, he says I'm the best shag in the universe. He's a liar, but I appreciate his sentiments. I really can't stand making love when it's that time of month, so since we can't be together then, I can't deny him his release, Hermione. He's become 'addicted' as well. He's always been under such pressure, always been so tense and wound up. He says shagging has left him more relaxed and confident than he's been his entire life. In fact, he says it has really helped him in mastering his Occlumency. I've started learning it as well! It is so easy to clear your mind after a nice, long, fulfilling shag, Hermione, I kid you not!"

Hermione always had problems with Occlumency, her brain seemed to be working all the time. Maybe Ginny and Harry had a good method here.

"Well, I'll see about using your, umm, technique after a few more shags, I guess," Hermione conceded. "Ron seemed to, well, to ejaculate rather quickly though. Well, I guess since we were new to each other he found me really exciting. He did feel nice and...and hard and long inside me."

Ginny stuck her fingers in her ears. "Too much information, Hermione!" she teased her friend while pretending to throw up. "Oh, and don't believe Ron when he tells you he's some kind of sex god or something. Counting you he's shagged three witches."

"Who?" Hermione asked, embarrassed but inquisitive.

"Well, Lavender, obviously," Ginny replied. "He popped her cherry as well! She also was not very happy afterwards. She said she never came either."

Hermione didn't like to think of her recent sexual experience as being 'popped,' but she didn't say anything. "Who else?" she asked her friend.

Ginny couldn't suppress a chuckle. "Pansy! Ron was fascinated with her while Malfoy was so preoccupied last year! The two of them apparently had quite a thing for a couple of months. Behind Lavender's back, no less! Of course, she was no virgin. Ron let slip one night that she taught him a lot about pleasing a witch."

"It didn't stick apparently," Hermione groused. "I'd better go. Thank you, Ginny. I'm so glad you and Harry are together, you know I am. I could never make love to him, though. We're just too good of friends. I'd feel like I was - I don't know - shagging my brother or something."

"Well, you are shagging MY brother!" Ginny snickered. "Oh, you never answered my question! What about Malfoy's endowments? Come on, fess up, girl!"

Hermione cleared her throat a couple times. "Umm, well, he's bigger than Ron. Not quite as big as Harry, though. Oh, hell, Ginny! I..."

"And you know that how, Hermione Granger?" Ginny giggled. "It's alright! He told me about you 'accidentally' walking in on him in the shower that one morning!"

Hermione got up and pouted at her friend. "It WAS an accident, Ginevra Weasley, you...you evil minded, dirty young witch, you! Who else has Harry, umm..."

"Shagged?" the young redhead smiled. "Only four other girls. He says he feels so guilty. Yeah, right. Umm, Lavender, Parvati, Luna and Megan. Only a couple times each. He swears he's stopping now, he just feels like he's betraying me, even though I've given him my permission. It's just so convoluted. I'm really jealous when he's with someone else, but I love him so much that I don't want him getting all, well, all wound up and nervous and angst-ridden again simply because I can't fulfill him."

"Lavender? Parvati?" Hermione said, disbelieving. "That's right, I've heard them whispering about Harry, but I never knew they actually, well, actually had made love to him!"

"All four of them promised to keep it secret," Ginny informed her. "That was really tough in Lavender and Parvati's cases. Luna really likes Harry, and he likes her back. So do I, she's really my best friend other than you. Megan is a really nice girl and has always had a crush on Harry. Plus, she's a Quidditch player so they have that in common. It hurts me, but I just feel like it's worth the sacrifice right now to make sure he's in the best shape and frame of mind when the final confrontation with Vol...Voldemort comes. Am I fooling myself, Hermione?" she asked, her eyes misty.

"I don't have any experience to advise you with, Ginny," Hermione answered sincerely, leaning over and hugging her tightly. "I'd suggest just sleeping together without the sex. Harry has enough guilt over everything else without adding this. He can't be THAT horny, can he?"

Ginny snorted, then had to giggle. "Gods, Hermione! If he were any hornier, he'd be a unicorn!"

"Have you ever been tempted to, well, to make love to another guy?" Hermione asked hesitantly.

"There's always temptation, Hermione, always!" Ginny answered openly. "Harry says he'd understand if it happened. I've thought about Justin and Anthony and, well, Neville."

"Neville?" Hermione grinned. "Oh, you have to tell me more, Ginny!"

"He's sweet and he's much braver and more talented than people give him credit for," Ginny said, smiling softly at her memories. "We even had a really nice snog by the greenhouses back in September. But, I guess being Harry Potter's girlfriend tends to discourage a lot of guys! I know Neville likes you, Hermione! And there's this nice, soft patch of grass between greenhouses one and two, kind of hidden behind a Privet hedge. Perfect with a blanket! He actually touched me in places no one other than Harry has. Who knows? I may shag him eventually. Good night, Hermione. Don't let it get you down. First times are often disappointing. I was just really, really fortunate both in where I did it and who I did it with!"

Hermione went to her bed, thankful that Lavender and Parvati were already asleep. They always teased her when she came back from her Prefect patrols with Ron, asking her where they went to shag. Her blush would have given her away for sure tonight.

When school had started, they also asked her why she wasn't Head Girl. She told them that she had turned it down since she was so involved with Harry and his quest against Voldemort. They asked a great many nosy questions about what she and Harry and Ron were doing, but she simply replied that she couldn't divulge anything and that it was for their own safety.

As she nestled beneath her comforter, she rubbed her still slightly tingling pussy. "It was right, it had to have been right," she thought, trying to convince herself. "I love Ron, I do! But, oh, gods! Malfoy! What a body and cock and...Hermione! Stop it! He'd never make love to a...a mudblood anyway! Or would he? He'd just fuck me, he'd never make the effort to actually make love to me! Would he?"

She finally fell asleep and dreamed that someone was making the most wonderful, sweet, passionate love to her. As she opened her eyes in her dream, she moaned as Ron's face appeared and then was replaced by Harry's.

She didn't want to shag Harry, did she? Well, maybe once. After all, Ginny had told her it was alright with her and apparently Harry slept around little. Now she understood all the giggles and whispered conversations about him between Lavender and Parvati.

Then Harry was replaced by Draco Malfoy. She tried to scream at him to get off her, not to touch her. But the dream was so real, so erotic. She could feel his long, thick cock moving in and out of her, felt herself responding as her body thrilled to his motions. She could feel his lips nibbling at the soft flesh of her neck as his manhood stretched her wide, her inner muscles rippling and massaging his hard length. Her body shivered, tingled, then started to bounce. She arched her back and had an orgasm and felt Malfoy's hot seed spill into her depths. It was so real. Her flesh was prickly with sweat and lust and her cunt hot and wet.

She awoke at this point with a loud moan of ecstatic release. She sat up, reached down between her thighs and could feel herself blushing as her fingers encountered the large wet stain on her cotton pajama bottoms. She whimpered and panted as her vagina fluttered involuntarily at the erotic memory.

"Hermione!" Lavender grumbled sleepily. "For the gods' sake, if you have to masturbate, at least cast a Silencing charm! You need to get laid, Hermione!"

"Hear! Hear!" snickered Parvati. "And soon!"

The next morning in the common room, Hermione looked wistfully at Harry and Ginny. The slight blush on Ginny's cheeks was proof positive that she and Harry had only recently finished making love to each other. Hermione wondered if she had the nerve to try and levitate Ron into her bed from his broom outside her window. She'd promised Ginny, though, that she wouldn't reveal her secret.

Ron came down, kissed her warmly, wrapped his arm around her waist. He made her smile as he kissed her neck, then nibbled at her earlobe. "I still remember every second of last night, Hermione!" he whispered, making her shiver slightly. "I can't wait until our next patrol!"

Hermione pondered this as they walked to breakfast. She didn't want to do it on a desk again. What about the greenhouses? The weather was still quite pleasant for October and she knew several warming spells.

"Well, well," the unmistakable drawl of Draco Malfoy grated on her ears. "The Weasel and the Mudblood! How good a shag is she, Weasel? Oh, that's right! You can only compare her to that other Gryffindor whore! Lavender!"

"Watch you mouth, Ferret!" Ron snarled, pulling his wand.

Crabbe and Goyle reached for their wands but Harry's voice rang out, "Wouldn't advise it, lardasses! Ginny, you watch Crabby, I've got the Goyle!" he snickered.

Draco turned and scowled at Harry and Ginny. "Oh, you're so clever, Scarhead! Hello, Weaslette! Like some GOOD cock? Not the pitiful sort that Potter must be giving you?"

Ginny gave him a devastating smile. "Oh, no thanks, Ferret breath. I've heard you're well hung but size doesn't matter. After all, if size was brains, Crabbe and Goyle would be ruddy geniuses, wouldn't they? I'm sure Pansy loves comparing you and my brother."

Pansy, who was standing by Goyle, reddened. "Shut your gob, you lying, redheaded bitch! I never shagged your brother!"

"Oh, Pansy!" Ron sighed theatrically. "You've already forgotten those weeks of passion last spring?! I'm hurt, shattered! No, not really. You were a lousy shag."

Professor Flitwick walked up and further conversation was curtailed as he abruptly ordered them all to go into breakfast. "Ten points each from Gryffindor and Slytherin for arguing in the hallways!" he added. "Miss Granger! Mr. Weasley! Miss Parkinson! You're Prefects! I expect better from you! Five points additional from each of your houses for each of you as well! Now! Everyone into breakfast!" he told them sharply.

Hermione was embarrassed almost to tears, not just for losing points, but for shagging on the little Professor's desk. She was suddenly petrified by the thought that neither she nor Ron had scourgified it!

"I...I forgot...forgot something in my room, Professor," she stammered. "I'll be right back!"

She ran as fast as she could to the Charms classroom. She entered and quickly cleaned Flitwick's desk, blushing furiously over the fact that there was both Ron's semen and her blood and cum on it. She ran back to the Main Hall and sat next to Ron, panting hard from her exertions.

"What did you forget that was so important, Hermione?" Ron asked, nuzzling her ear.

"Tell you later," was all she could gasp out.

Potions with the Slytherins was the first class. Malfoy kept pursing his lips at her while she merely glared in return. Harry simply looked first at her, then him, then back and forth, totally mystified as to what was going on.

At the end of the day, Ron, Harry and Ginny went to the Pitch for Quidditch practice and Hermione decided she needed another long soak in the Prefects' Bath. As she luxuriated in the warm water and exotic scents her mind drifted to last night and Malfoy's naked body. Almost by its own volition, her right hand slipped down between her legs and her index and middle fingers began to coax her clitoris out from under its hood.

She whimpered a little as she stroked herself, then plunged her left middle and index fingers into her cunt, all soapy, slick and hot. She winced a bit, it was still slightly tender, but started fucking herself anyway. As the pressure grew in her loins and stomach, she rubbed herself harder. As her thighs started to quiver in anticipation, she curled her fingers inside her, hitting her most sensitive spot. She tossed her head back as her muscles squeezed her probing digits and her release flowed around them and down into the pool.

"Gods! Gods!" she murmured in ecstasy. "Oh, gods, yes! Draco! DRACO!! Fuck me!"

She was startled from her reverie by a harsh laugh and the sound of clapping hands. "Oh, well done, Granger! Well done! Is there a second act?" Malfoy chuckled.

She had forgotten about changing the password! Her face turned red, her tears started. She couldn't believe her horrible luck. Being caught masturbating in the bath was bad enough, but by the very person whose name somehow slipped from her lips was humiliating. Especially since said person was Draco Malfoy, her tormentor since her first year.

"Have your laugh and leave me alone, you...you filthy, sneaking, peeping tom! I hate you, you fucking Ferret! Get out! Get away from me!" she screamed, her tears flowing freely.

Malfoy waved his wand and vanished his clothes. He entered the pool and sat right beside her, his normally cold, grey eyes looking on her with a surprising softness.

"Go away!" she screamed. "Go away! Don't...don't touch me, you...you bastard! You pile of offal! Don't...don't touch me! I hate you! Leave me alone!"

"No, I think I'll stay," he smirked, "I'm very much enjoying the view. Why my name, Granger? Why not Weasel? Or the Pothead!?"

"Leave me alone," she begged, so humiliated she didn't even bother to try and cover herself. "I hate you! Leave me alone!"

He moved closer, his body actually touching hers. She shivered but couldn't move, he felt so...so soft and warm, but firm and manly as well.

"Don't...don't touch..." she whimpered.

Suddenly his arms were around her, his lips pressed to hers. His tongue caressed her lower lip and her resistence just melted as she opened her mouth to him. His tongue played havoc with hers, exploring her mouth and forcing soft gasps from her. She brought her arms up to push him off but found them wrapped around his neck instead. Her own tongue now fought back, pushing into his mouth and eliciting pleased sounds from him as well.

His right hand slid up her soapy side and covered her left breast, squeezing it, kneading it and then slowly stroking upwards and gently flicking across the hard, pebbled peak of her nipple.

"Don't...stop...stop...don't..." she mumbled into his mouth as their tongues continued to twist and entwine with each other.

His hand dropped to her knee and slid slowly upward in between her legs towards the junction of her thighs. She closed her legs but he spread his fingers and she parted them slowly, but willingly, for him. She tensed, hissed into his mouth as one of his long, strong fingers moved from her opening slowly up along her pink cleft then softly and teasingly stroked her clit, still engorged and tingling from her earlier manipulation.

"Stop...stop...don't stop...don't..." she mewled, a tear escaping from her eye and trickling down her cheek.

She whined with longing as his finger left her momentarily but then joined a second and plunged inside her and his thumb began to circle and stroke her tingling nub. Her body was shivering, not from fear, but from lust. Her brain screamed at her to stop, it was Draco Malfoy, her sworn enemy. The enemy of all her friends. But she could only force herself up tighter onto his probing fingers, pushing her entire pudendum onto the palm of his hand. He worked a third finger inside her and began rubbing her with the heel of his hand. Hermione gasped again as the delicious pressure had her whimpering for more.

She continued to kiss him and pulled him tight to her quivering body, her breasts pressed flat into his hard chest, her nipples prickling with pleasurable sensations from the friction on them as she rubbed them up and down on his hard frame in rhythm with his probing fingers.

She then flung her head back in rapturous delight as he curled his fingers and stroked her inside on precisely her most erogenous spot.

"DRACO!!" His named was torn from her throat as she shamelessly bounced up and down on his hand, her juices flowing down and mixing with the exotically scented, slippery bath water to coat his fingers. They maintained their sensuous, rhythmic probing as her inner muscles continued to flutter and ripple on them with the most incredible orgasm she'd ever experienced. His hand kept up its circular pressure on her clit, further intensifying the erotic pleasure of her release.

"Draco, Draco, Draco!" she could only mumble as her body continued to thrill from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

"Open your eyes and look at me, Granger!" he commanded, his voice rough.

Her eyelids fluttered open and her brown orbs gazed into his stormy, gray eyes that were filled with a look of pure lust.

"What do you want now, Granger!? Tell me!?" he ordered her, his lips in a cruel smile.

"You. Want you! Please, Draco! Please..."

"What do you want, Granger! Say it! Say it, Mudblood!" he demanded.

"Want you to...to be inside me! Want you to...to fuck me!" Her ears couldn't believe her mouth had uttered these words.

His hand withdrew from her, causing her to whimper in longing. Then both of them slipped under her soapy, firm buttocks. He lifted her easily, leaned himself back against the tub wall and slowly lowered her onto his long, hard, stiff shaft.

Hermione parted her legs further to allow him to slide into her easily. She gasped as she felt herself spread and stretched again. There was a moment of sharp, burning discomfort that made her wince and whine.

"Too big for you, am I?" he taunted. "Well, once I'm done with you, you'll be able to handle Hagrid!"

She didn't bother to reply, just concentrated on the amazing feel of his manhood deep inside her. He kept a hold of her ass, moving her up and down on his cock, his superior smile never fading from his lips as Hermione gasped and panted with increasing passion and delight. The pleasures she'd expected last night were now present in abundance, her senses were alight with passion as Draco filled her body and soul with pure delight.

It was obvious to Hermione, even with her very limited exposure to sexual pleasures, that Draco deserved his unofficial title of 'The Slytherin Sex God.' His thrusting hips buried his cock almost painfully deep within her and forced her clitoris against his firm pubic mound to the most incredible erotic effect. She was shivering, her body begging her to let herself go again and experience the ultimate release.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as she felt herself cum, her muscles grasping him hard and firm within her.

"GODS!" she yelled with release. "GODS!! YES! YES!! DRACO!! YES!!"

He kept on fucking her, his mind whirling with emotion. "Gods, she's the best shag I've ever had! No! She can't be! She's a fucking Mudblood! NO! Oh, shit, she feels so good on me. I've never been in a cunt like hers before! No! I'm fucking her, that's all I'm doing!" He gazed on her face, suddenly struck with how beautiful it truly was, especially now alight with lust and passion, her breath coming in gasps and her eyes partly rolled back in her head from the ecstasy.

Aloud, he hissed, "Come on, you Mudblood whore! Push that knobby, cold cunt of yours up and down on me! Hard! Fast! Come on, you slut! Who's your favorite lover, Granger? Scream his name, you bitch!"

Hermione didn't even hear his insults, her mind only had room for the impossible pleasure she was experiencing. She subconsciously obeyed and sped up her motions up and down on him. Her hands grabbed his strong shoulders, her nails digging into his skin as she used the leverage to push herself down on him as hard and fast as she could. She wanted to swallow, completely devour his amazing cock inside her and pressed herself as tightly into him as she could. She soon felt herself wracked with overarching ecstasy as another orgasm spread its tingling warmth and delight deep inside her.

Draco groaned as he felt her squeeze and compress on him, almost forcing him to spend himself in her then and there.

"One more! Do you hear me, Mudblood?" he rasped. "One more! Gods, yes, come on, Hermione!! One more!!"

"Yes! Yes! Draco! Harder! It's so, so, SO GOOD!" she panted, her body beginning to tire from her exertions. She concentrated solely on his shaft within her, tried to imagine how it was parting her tight walls then withdrawing and letting them close again, over and over. The soft, firm skin of his cock, mixing the scented, soapy, slick water with her own lascivious secretions had the nerves of her most tender flesh atingle with excruciatingly intense feelings of rapture that she'd never imagined possible.

She felt it building from her very depths, began mewling and panting. He moved one hand from her buttocks, forced it in between their soapy, thrusting bodies. His middle finger found her center, then his index finger joined it. He pushed it into her body, then stroked it up and down, finally squeezing it between the two fingers. With an explosion of passion that flashed in her mind like fireworks and made her insides roil in ecstasy, her cunt began to spasm and undulate along his length again, her essence flowing down to mix into the water.

"DRACO!" she shouted. "NOW!! PLEASE! NOW!!"

He thrust into her twice more then screamed in almost agonized pleasure as his hot cum spilled from him, literally rocketing upwards into her depths. She continued flexing and compressing on him, milking his warm seed from him into her, as he continued to push himself as deeply into her as he possibly could. She never wanted the feelings, the delight, the ecstasy to end. Nothing she had read or heard or even imagined had prepared her for such total, unimaginably erotic sensations.

"FUCK!" he screamed. "FUCK! HERMIONE! Gods! Yes!" Draco had never experienced an orgasm so intense, felt as if he'd never stop filling her until he was bone dry, desiccated, unable to make love again.

Their mouths met in passionate embrace, then as the intensity of their coupling receded, their tongues and lips found each others soft flesh, nibbling at their partner's neck, ears, shoulders.

Hermione's center continued to experience little frissons of delight as Draco kept his softening cock slowing moving inside her. Then as her body began to cool, the water and sweat on her face and arms becoming chilly in the open air, the reality of what she had done finally dawned on her.

She was helpless to control herself as her tears poured from her eyes and down Draco's chest and back as she buried her face on his shoulder.

"What's wrong, Granger?" he asked, the usual nasty sting in his voice absent.

"This is wrong!" she wailed. "You, me, this! Gods! I can't believe I...I, oh, gods, I fucked you! I've fucked Draco Malfoy!"

"How can anything that feels this good possibly be wrong, Granger?" he asked her, his voice still surprisingly soft.

"It was! Gods! Draco! What have I done!? What have we done!? I'm ruined. Everyone will hate me!" Hermione continued to weep.

"Well, they might be jealous that you got to have sex with the greatest lover at Hogwarts, but no one should hate you for it!" he told her, his voice regaining some of its old sting, but still with a hint of softness.

She got up off him, cursed that her body immediately began to miss the warmth of his skin on hers, the feel of him inside her. She got out of the tub, sat on a bench and continued to cry.

"You'll just tell everyone how the Mudblood fucked you like a...a common whore. The 'Goodie Two Shoes' of Gryffindor shagged Draco Malfoy like most wanton slut in Slytherin. Gods, how could things be any worse!" she wept.

"You could have Vol...The Dark Lord after you, like I do," he snorted.

"He is after me, you...you stupid Ferret!" she shouted, her tears still flowing. "I'm a Mudblood, remember?! We're all slated to die, after being raped and humiliated by his Death Eaters for the gods know how long! What? Why is Voldemort after you!?" she asked in disbelief.

"I couldn't kill Dumbledore. He was not pleased. I spent a lot of my father's fortune getting out of attempted murder charges, money HE wanted! Bribing the Wizengamot isn't cheap, Granger." he lamented.

"Oh, poor you!" she replied scathingly. "So, what's your price for not...not humiliating me in front of the entire school? I mean, you're planning on announcing this little seduction at dinner tonight, aren't you?"

He got out and walked over, sat on the floor in front of her. She cursed as her eyes were inevitably drawn to his cock, now flaccid. Her womanhood fluttered at the memory of his hardness inside her.

"Well, if you promise to shag me like this at least twice a week, Granger, I'll keep it a secret! How's that for a deal!?" he smirked.

"Great for you, terrible for me," she muttered. "You'll tell everyone after a few more shags, you know you will. Gods, what is wrong with me? How could I have...have fucked you? YOU!? Of all the people in the school, WHY YOU!?"

"Now, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it, Granger! I know real orgasms from fake ones and you came like a fucking waterfall! Four times! You're not a bad shag, you know that? Well, for a Mudblood, anyway." he said acerbically.

"Stop calling me that! You bastard! What are you going to tell Pansy when your cock falls off from fucking me?" she shot back, nastily.

"I don't do her much anymore, not since I found out she actually DID shag the Weasel last year! What do you want me to call you, Granger?" he snapped.

"How about Hermione, Draco? You called me that at least twice while you were fucking me!"

He smiled very wryly, saying, "Well, I got carried away by the moment, I guess. Hermione..."

She looked at him. "Yes, Draco?" she replied, softly.

"Listen, I know you won't believe me, but, damn it, this was the most amazing lovemaking session I've ever had with anyone, Hermione," he said, his voice surprising earnest. "Being on the Dark Lord's bad side now makes me a lot more sympathetic to what you and Scarhead and Weasel and all have been going through. But, if you're waiting for me to say 'I love you,' well, it's not going to happen."

Hermione's glare softened a little as she wiped her tears away with a towel. "Fair enough, Draco. I certainly don't love you! It was the best lovemaking I've ever experienced, too. Of course, it's only the second time I've done it."

Draco stared at her. "That can't be true, Grang...er, Hermione. I've shagged witches in their twenties and thirties who were nothing compared to what we just did."

"It's true, Draco," she sighed, "Ron deflowered me just last night. On Flitwick's desk. Oh, gods, why the hell am I telling you this? Please! Don't tell anyone! I'll...I'll take your offer. I'll fuck you as often as you want if...if you'll keep our secret."

"I should accept," he leered, "but, I don't know why, but I'd much rather make love to you because you want to, Hermione, not because you feel you're being forced to. But, like I said, I'm not in love with you and I sure as hell am not going to join in your suicidal effort to defeat Vol...er, You Know Who. I still have a lot of money! Run away with me and we'll hide somewhere remote. Canada. Siberia. Bora Bora! We can shag each other senseless until we're found and murdered."

"Oh, that's sounds like a great future, Mal...er, Draco." she actually laughed at him. "I'd prefer to fight and die rather than waiting to be tracked down like prey in some demented hunt." She looked him in the eyes, saying, "The shagging part sounds nice, though. Oh, shit. Did I say that?"

He smirked superiorly. "Yes, you did, you Mudblood whore! Hermione, for what it's worth, I promise I'll keep this secret. But, I would sure like to make love to you again. Often, if we can manage it!"

"Maybe. I just...I just don't know, Draco, really, I don't," she sighed, her tears starting again. "This is all so new to me. How many women have you made love to?"

"That's rather nosy, Granger!" he laughed. "Well, what else can be expected from a Muggleborn know-it-all!? A couple dozen. Why?"

"Just curious, actually," she answered simply. "Did they all think you were the world's greatest lover?" she asked with a snort.

"Of course!" he replied haughtily. "I am, you know! Well, it's almost dinner time, Hermione. Of course, if you'd rather stay here and shag again, I have food in my room."

She leaned over, kissed him warmly, then stood up and summoned her clothes. "It sounds nice, but I need to go and...and think about this, Draco. I want to believe you. I was raised to believe even the worst sort of people can change. You've certainly been that. But...but, I want to believe that you can change. I know we need to stay enemies publically, at least for the time being. But, Draco, Voldemort is everyone's enemy. Maniacs like him won't tolerate any kind of power sharing, despite what he may have told the Death Eaters. He'll find an excuse and the opportunity to do them all in. Even your father and dear Aunt Bellatrix."

Draco paled slightly at the mention of Bellatrix. "She's more frigging mental than He is, Hermione! Trust me! You may be right, but, well, I'm a coward, really. I know my limitations. If I abase myself, Vol...The Dark Lord may let me live. Maybe I can request you as my slave when he wins."

Hermione pulled her knickers on, reached for her bra. "I'll be dead if He wins, Draco, count on it. But, thank you, I guess."

They finished dressing and walked to the door of the Bath. "I'll go first, Hermione," Draco offered. "I'll shoot some green sparks if the hall is clear. It was...it was really amazing, Hermione, I mean it."

She couldn't help blushing and smiling. "Well, I certainly enjoyed it as well. I did, Draco. Now," she put on a frown, "get out of my sight, you...you fucking Ferret-faced deviant!"

He pulled her in for a kiss, then turned to the door, saying, "Suck my cock, you Mudblood whore! No, on second thought, you'd probably infect me!"

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from: maple_mahogany
date: Oct. 4th, 2007 03:17 pm (UTC)

whoops. Think you lost the lj-cut here. :)

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from: pettybureaucrat
date: Oct. 4th, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)

Yikes! So I did. Thanks. Any comment on the story?

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from: biggrstaffbunch
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LJ-cut please? But very hot...very wrong, but very hot.

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Cut is in place. Wrong or not, did you like it?

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from: snowe
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I mean this in the best possible way...but you should take a break from writing for a year or so. Spend it reading good books--the classics--until you have a better handle on plot, characterization, and grammar. After you've done that, re-read the HP books and get to know the characters better. A non-canon ship still needs believable characters with a firm foundation in canon.

I've read your two Dramione fics, and, frankly, they are terrible. Some of the worst I've ever read.

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