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Aug. 26th, 2007 | 10:15 am
location: home
mood: tiredtired

Visited our youngest daughter in Ohio the last few days, her fiance and his family. All very nice.

Of course of all the places they could live in Ohio, they live in Findlay, which made front pages and national morning newscasts with the most serious floods in the town's history. Fortunately, the water level had receded quite a bit by the time we got.

Our car acted all weird during the trip, suddenly losing power and running rough and forcing us onto the shoulder. But, five minutes rest and it was good for another 30 minute run. On the home trip, it only crapped out once. The mechanic in Ohio was puzzled, there were no similar incidents in the knowledge bases he research and his diagnostic computer turned up no trouble codes.

Oh well, I guess we can't drive further than 400 miles at a go.

My oldest daughter got to tend bar for awhile at Chevys the other night. Made more tips in half an hour than she makes in a shift as a waitress. And she didn't even break a glass!

We'll be seeing our youngest off to Japan in a little over a week. We're flying to Detroit, where her flight to Japan originates and will drive her car back here for her.

Then the oldest leaves for Metz around Sept. 23 from Newark.


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