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Aug. 16th, 2007 | 05:23 am
location: home
mood: pissed offpissed off

Let's see.

My youngest daughter is engaged. She and her fiance were here for a visit for a few days. She's going to spend her junior year in Japan. My wife is getting all weepy.

My oldest daughter is also here, she's the one going to teach English in Metz.

She was very 'entertaining' last weekend. She was suffering through her first real hangover.

We all were attending an event sponsored by the churches in our region, the annual 'Corn Roast.' Actually, the corn is boiled, but Corn Roast sounds much more appealing than 'Corn Boil.' Barbecued chicken, hot dogs, sloppy joes and sodas. Actually a very pleasant outing in the hills near Sharpsburg, Maryland, the site of the Civil War battle. That's Antietam to us Yankees.

Anyway, it's usually a drive of an hour and a quarter or so. It took us two and a half, with stops every 20 minutes for her to puke. I did my best not to laugh at her -- after all, I know how I felt with MY first hangover, all those years ago.

A rather pleasant week with the usual stresses of being retired. My wife is getting antsy about me just sitting around. I'm fucking retired! Let me be retiring for awhile!

Maybe I'll see if I can get a job at Barnes & Noble. I like books! Of course, with my arthritic knee it's difficult for me to spend more than 15 minutes on my feet. Oh, well.

That's it for now. Poor vikingcarrot. The fucking LJ Thought Police said that despite her age statement on a drawing that Draco looked 'too young' and she had to remove it anyway. Who the flying fuck do they think they are!? I've set up a GJ, although a lot of people say that they're as picky and shitty as LJ. Maybe I'll do an IJ too.

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