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Jul. 29th, 2007 | 06:22 am
location: home
mood: blahblah

Went to a wedding yesterday. Another teacher at the school where my wife teaches. I don't think I'd been to a wedding for at least 15 years. I forgot how much one can drink there.

Recovering from slight hangover this morning. I'm embarrassed. I used to be such a 'good' drinker. Now some Jack Daniels, a few beers, and a little champagne put me right on my ass.

It was entertaining watching the sisters (it's a Catholic school my wife teaches at) knocking back their drinks. Catholic wedding are SO much fun!

Surprisingly, though, the ceremony was very 'secular,' hardly any mention of religion. Possibly because the groom is/was Muslim, or I assume he is/was since he's a Turk.

His name is Ufuk. That's right, U - F - U - K!!

I shouldn't laugh, they appeared to genuinely love each other.

Fortunately, the 'U' is a long 'U' as in nuke or fluke. But, still.

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